3DM Podcast- Invitation and Challenge

March 5, 2015

Mike takes us into a key of discipleship. Chapter on Invitation and Challenge from "Building a Discipling Culture" by Mike Breen as well as a clip from a sermon on the subject. Hosted by Jim Zartman


3DM Podcast- Building a Discipling Culture Part 1

February 24, 2015

And excerpt from chapter 1 of the "Building a Discipling Culture" audiobook out soon and a conversation with Mike Breen about his own journey into following Christ and some of those who impacted that journey. Hosted by Jim Zartman. 


3DM Podcast- Covenant and Kingdom Intro

February 18, 2015

A conversation with Mike Breen and the introduction of his upcoming audiobook "Covenant and Kingdom." Gain an understanding for the DNA of the scripture. Hosted by Jim Zartman.


3DM Podcast- Spiritual Feudalism

February 13, 2015

Mike doing a live teaching on "Spiritual Feudalism" and discussing it with host Jim Zartman.